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Sharp Rule Engine

So I’ve torn the rule engine mercilessly from the heart of RMUD and published it as it’s own package on nuget. Now anyone can choose to use it for.. anything! As long as it’s rule based!

Defining new commands for RMUD: This post is all code.

Rules Based Programming in RMUD

Today I want to talk about Rule Based Programming. (I say that as if I post every day and not once ever three years.) This will all be in the context of RMUD. Around the first of the year or right before, I was struggling with implementing features of the mud using the interface based design I had employed up to that point. It wasn’t necessarily going badly, but I could see what the end […]


I’ve spent the last six months or so working on a project called RMUD. Here it is on github. It’s a mud engine, as the name would suggest.. and I must say it is quite a nice one. Clearly I am biased, but I still think you would agree it is rather nice. A mud engine is deceptively simple until you actually want to get anything done, and then it becomes immensely complex. I want […]

C# as a self hosting scripting language

This topic isn’t new, but I find myself writing the same code again and again. Often times I have a project, written in C#, and I find I have need of a ‘scripting language’. I think: What is the best language to use as a scripting language for a program written in C#? The language I choose has to be easy to integrate with the host language, and I have to be able to compile […]

A triumphant return?

Unlikely. Still, it is a return. I have a number of projects. I will share them, or not, in time. In the meantime, I thought it would be helpful to share some pieces of code. I see people doing this from time to time. They’ve got a blog with code, but it’s just patches of it. Little bits. Not enough to create a repository on github. Besides, as far as I can tell, blogs are […]

‘Gem’, the new Jemgine

I’ve kind of re-begun the Jemgine project. You know the one. The one this blog is named after. This time, though, it won’t be such a mess of unconnected crap… maybe. I’ve taken the basic structure of Jemgine and refined it, and begun rebuilding. There are a few things I want to see happen here. 1) Combine the bits I like about trains on hexes and the heightmapped hex grid and all the generated castlevania […]

LudumDare 24

So this ludumdare; because I often use ludumdare as an excuse to work on random projects; I will be writing my entry in MISP. MISP is a programming language I invented. It’s a sort of object-oriented LISP. I wrote a library for it called MISPGame which gives me some basic functionality. It can create a window and draw sprites and that’s about it. I’ve written a lot of code in MISP for a mud, so […]

Mud Web Client

I’ve recently been working on a web client for a mud engine I’m writing, which I suppose will function as a web client for any mud that supports websockets. It’s been a bit rough, what with my almost non-existent knowledge of javascript and html and css. Sure, I’ve used them all, but I never really cared to get to know them. I stop with the css as soon as it looks kinda how I want. […]

Stellar Nurse premature post mortem

First thoughts. This is the first post I’ve written since I updated wordpress, and, what the fuck wordpress. You’re going to destroy a good piece of software. Why is this post mortem premature? Because we aren’t done with it yet. At least, I’m not. A ‘post-compo’ version is on the way with some gameplay tweaks and performance improvements. I’m going to keep this short for that reason, and just dive right into the lists. What […]

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