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Monthly Archives | February 2010


Not much of anything done today. WPF is interesting. But it’s missing something. Finished converting the editor to the docking control system. Drew some more backgrounds for the shmup. Be nice if more people who tried it left comments on the creator’s club forum.


This docking library isn’t perfect, but it has one huge advantage over it’s competition. It’s free!


So you might have noticed what appears to be a banner add show up under the task list over there. Well, it’s not a banner add. It’s a link – it’s always going to show the same gif. The thing missing from Live Indie games is marketing, and the fine folks at Xbox Hornet have set up a site dedicated to pimping Live Indie games that are ‘coming soon’. Aliens Go Boom is already on […]


So far, everyone who has played the shmup has liked it. I think that makes it a success. But, I still want to at least get it running at true 480 p. Curse upon Hybrid mind, for making me write it at such a stupid resolution to start with. Other things. Platformer editor – I’m transitioning it to a docking palette type UI, similar to what visual studio does. A music synthesizer in XNA. I’m […]


Back to the grind. Live Indie Games is not a platform worth investment. What that means is you will not get a return. You can’t expect to make anything, not even a little bit. Marketing off the service doesn’t get you a thing, and Microsoft makes no effort to market on the service. Your only chance – and it’s a slim one – is to get enough ratings while you’re in the new release section […]


BAM, cover art.


Polishing up that shmup for release. It needs just a few things now. I need to refine most of the sprites, I need to author a decent and balanced ‘level’, and it needs some sort of musical score.


A 48hr shmup. Since The Sargeant gave me a shoutout, I should point you on to LudumDare as well. It uses XNA, of course. You’ll need the 3.1 redist. If you have a 360 controller – yay! If you don’t, wasd, enter, and spacebar. A postmortem for Shmup. What went right – Simple code. I went straight ahead, doing things the simplest way possible. Most everything there is a hack. I didn’t try […]


2-19 [MiniLD]

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