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Monthly Archives | March 2010


Aliens Go Boom is now available on the xbox live marketplace. You can find it in the new releases in indie games, in the game marketplace channel on your xbox!


Stop doing this : CreateWindow(int Width, int Height, bool Fullscreen); Do this instead : enum ScreenMode { FullScreen, Windowed } CreateWindow(int Width, int Height, ScreenMode screenMode); Which do you think is easier to read? Which is less error prone? The answer to both is the second. A boolean value is appropriate when the options are ‘Something is there’, or ‘Nothing is there’. Such as ‘bool HasDepthBuffer’. There is either a depth buffer or there is […]


Jemgine Alpha 2 (Source)

Source of the new version is available. [DOWNLOAD] The editor has been seriously over-hauled. Don’t shift click to select – just click. Create an entity by pressing ctrl+e, and it will be automatically selected. Press alt+space to move down a layer into that entity’s space. Then you can add polygons, waypoints, chunks, or tile grids to the entity. All the hot keys are in the menu at the top. It also supports undo. With something […]

Jemgine Alpha Source

I’ve uploaded the complete source of the editor, the engine, and the demo. [ DOWNLOAD ]. It is not complete or final. It’s not even close. Right now I have two main foci for this project. 1) Clean up what I already have. The engine is still far too coupled to the demo for my liking, especially in the way the demo displays loading screens and saves the game. 2) Think of interesting player-interaction test […]

Jemgine Editor Alpha

I’ve uploaded an alpha version of the Jemgine map editor [ DOWNLOAD ] I [might] have a group lined up who will be using Jemgine to make a game. And now I’m fishing for projects that want to use it. Everyone who uses it makes the product better by the very act of using it! If you jump on board RIGHT NOW, this is what you get. A 2d platformer engine with ‘advanced physics’. A […]


No more updates until I actually have something worth talking about. :|


Slowly taking care of details. THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM. Also obscure bugs and a crude and ineffective editor thing.


I think timezones bit me again. Stupid wordpress not being psychic. Slowly building the base of the behavior graph. It is a slow process.


Designing a nodey scripting language. It’s… well it’s hard to describe. But I intend to make it puplic, so you’ll just have to enjoy it when it’s ready.

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