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Monthly Archives | April 2010

Not related to Jemgine at all.


Hey, a simple captcha really does kill spam. Most of what I’ve been doing has been for the demo game, which is an actual game I am working on, called Antioch. It’s what you’ve seen in the videos. It’s a great example of how to do asychronous map loading in Jemgine. Even better, now that I’ve cleaned up a nasty race condition. Conker says : Put Jemgine on CodePlex! I say, I’m getting a new […]

Alpha 3

Hey, when is this thing going to leave alpha? When I finish a game with it, probably. There’s no trace of a player entity at all in the engine itself anymore. Alpha 3 Things to do : Document.


It runs at 60fps just fine. I’m capturing at half-speed to keep file size down. Fraps makes it say 30.

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