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Monthly Archives | July 2010

I need an artist plus some sort of poll.

Does anyone know where I can dig one up? I’m going to have to make a few of those dreaded help wanted posts. Maybe a video series will help attract one or two, who knows? Well, actually, that’s exactly why I would make one, except that I sound like an idiot. I should write scripts for them in advance. I don’t know how to or if I can create a poll on this thing. I […]

I sound like an idiot.


You’re welcome, spliter.

Node Scripting



Actually it’s just metaballs. But it looks neat.

Threading Jemgine

I recently made a false step into threading Jemgine. What I did was make scripts execute in their own thread. My scripting system isn’t what you expect, though. There isn’t a scripting language. Instead there are nodes connected in the editor. It is a sort of visual scripting language. This actually proved to be a really simple thing to do. But I immediately saw problems. The simple problem is modifying the physics information associated with […]

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