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Monthly Archives | August 2010

Feathered Splats

This is basically how Braid’s levels are put together. For ten minutes of scribbling, it sure looks good.

Node Scripting in the Jemgine map editor

[edit] I deleted the images that made this post make sense. On accident. I swear. [/edit] This is what I’ve been up to for the last few days. I was trying to write this article about a node-based scripting system, and I needed screenshots of my node-based scripting system, and I realized that mine was ugly. Not only ugly, but obtuse. I thought all I needed was to position the labels better. But that’s a […]

Ludum Dare

So a Ludum Dare just ended. For some, Ludum Dare is a great time to bash out some crappy game. Some of us, though, through participating in several, have found that we really aren’t cut out for that sort of thing. So instead, we use it as an excuse to get something else done. During this LD, I did two things. First, I made this awesome hexagonal grid subdivision library. It’s on Codeplex. Right here. […]

Antioch Updates

Spam bots are getting past the captcha. Stop that. I don’t think I posted this one here. I’ve got conversations working in the game now. So who knows, maybe soon I can actually build something to PLAY. Maybe not so soon, since I am currently distracted. As always, the project is hosted on CodePlex. You know. Over there. On Codeplex. And something unrelated. This came together quick because I used Antioch as a base, but […]

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