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Monthly Archives | September 2010

Jemgine ported to XNA 4.0

It wasn’t easy, but Jemgine has been (almost) fully ported to XNA 4.0. Okay, it was pretty easy. The single biggest breaking change was that the Color type moved to a different namespace, and I couldn’t just do a find and replace on it because there’s also that Color type in System.Drawing to worry about. Then I spent a few days banging my head against MSBuild, until the nice XNA people updated their sample to […]

Jemgine just keeps getting better

But, flaws emerge. I made a pretty fundamental choice when I started the project, as to how maps would be structured. Now, I am wondering if that was the right choice. Okay, it was certainly the right choice. I based it on my experience with the Quake 3 engine. In a quake 3 map, the bits of solid geometry are called ‘brushes’. Every brush belongs to an entity – there just happens to be a […]

Launch your map from the editor.

Still needs streamlined (For example, clicking ‘test map’ should go ahead and build the map if it needs to.) Incidentally, this blog is embedded into the help dialog too.

Help Dialog

I finally made one. I decided to use HTML for all the help files, so I used a WebBrowserControl for the help dialog. Then, of course, it was trivial to point that control at this blog. Now I just need to write help files! Oh, right. Damn.

Horribly broken.

How come, when I upload a horribly broken change set, people leave messages for me on unrelated blogs instead of just submitting an issue through codeplex? Anyway, I seem to have fixed it. Now check this out.

Texture Cache

The Jemgine Map Editor can now cache built textures. This greatly reduces the time it takes to open a map, since textures don’t need to be built every single time. It’s experimental still, so it has to be explicitly turned on in the config. The time it took to open a map with lots of textures went from ‘annoyingly long’ to ‘annoyingly long the first time, then, instantaneous’. Damn fine show.

This blog is my portfolio.

It is. That’s why (most of) my projects are over there in the sidebar. I just added some more. Jemgine and Jemgine.Hex just link through to their codeplex pages, though. The two articles I’ve written in the last year are also over there now. Oh, and that Color Picker turned out to be real easy to separate (though it’s still XNA, so it’s still dependent on that) so it’s available as source by itself now! […]

Color Picker

Today I wrote a color picker. It uses the fairly common hue wheel with interior shade triangle style. I could yank it out of my stuff so it stands on it’s own, except it would still require XNA. The actual ring and triangle are drawn by a pixel shader. Shame that so much of the code is duplicated between the control and the shader, though. Yeah, so, I’ve sort of been updating every day for […]

XNA 4.0 and Winforms

The sample on the creator’s club website almost compiles with XNA 4.0. All that’s broken is the Graphics Device’s presentation parameters, and these are pretty simple to fix. So it was a pretty simple port. Took about three minutes to get it to compile, and another ten or so to make it work. Turns out there’s another breaking change lurking in, of all places, viewports. The max and min depth are now constrained to the […]

Feathered Splats (2)

Before I just threw a screenshot on here without any explanation. First I start with the individual splats. Please excuse the horrible graphics, I painted them in a hurry just to test the method out. So there’s two splats. Notice that the edges are transparent. In the Jemgine map editor, I can create these splats, and scale them, and rotate them, and even tint them. By lining up the transparent edges, they blend together into […]

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