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Monthly Archives | October 2010

Antioch Demo

This demo is fully functional, but it’s missing a lot of the things that separate ‘functional’ from ‘finished’. The puzzle functions, but it’s missing a lot of the visual cues that let you know what you’re actually doing. You’ll need the XNA 4.0 Redist. When the game prompts for Y, or A, press Left Control. Enter is the start button. WASD to move. Space to jump. The crappy demo.

October the 18th

Insisting on daily updates when I do so little each day seems kind of pointless. Drew a single graphic, rebuilt bits of the main room. Still need an idea for the third generator room.

October the 17th

Some tweaks made to the player movement state machine. Starting to introduce pushing and pulling (properly). Started building the main chamber for the puzzle. Finish it, think of something interesting for chamber 3 and build it, and then I can start dropping in graphics and putting it together into something playable.

October the 16th

Should really get cracking if I intend to make that deadline. Absolutely must build another generator chamber tonight.

October the Fifteenth

This video is actually from yesterday. I’ve rebuilt the second room in the puzzle since then. It’s not very interesting, though.

October the Fourteenth

I know you can’t actually tell what anything is in this image, so I’ll at least tell you what the whole thing together is. It’s the first generator room in the puzzle I’m building. There are three more rooms similar to this one, and a central chamber that links all of them together. Anyone know a simple way to render anti-aliased lines that will avoid these ‘dotted line’ artifacts when I zoom out?

October the Thirteenth

Instead of adding new features I fixed bugs I didn’t know I had. Damn you, bugs. Damn you. I uncovered them building a push-the-block-off-the-ledge-then-use-it-to-reach-another-ledge puzzle. You know the kind. Fixed the bugs, and now that puzzle works.

October the Twelfthish

Nothing to show in screenshots again, but I almost entirely rewrote the way moving platforms move. Now they can stop at waypoints for a certain number of ticks, and they can rotate on the way too. I also added a circular ‘foot’ to the actors. This lets them move smoothly over seams in the level that used to snag the corners of their bounding box.

October the 11th

Keeping on with the daily updates. I built the remaining two chambers of the generator and switch puzzle. Now begin a very slow process of refining each of the chambers. Script wise, they all function, and that’s the important part. I can complete the puzzle in about two minutes. It should take you somewhat longer.

October the 10th

I built the second room of the generator and switch puzzle. The second room looks just like the first except upside down, so I won’t post a picture of it. The scripting is pretty much the same too. In discussing why I probably wouldn’t be adding some sort of script-boxing mechanism, I stumbled upon a super simple way to implement it. It makes it real easy to collapse a big mess of scripts into a […]

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