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Monthly Archives | April 2011

It’s Ludumdare!

And I made this. Go ahead and play it. It’s dreadful..

Soft shadows

They are not physically accurate, but they look nice. I hope to get a design document tomorrow. That will give me an idea of what needs done, and maybe I should be writing my own design document for Antioch. And the mud. And the gnome thing.

I did nothing today.

How’s that for a daily update? Actually, I painted an ugly arch graphic and forked the ‘Player Controller’ stuff in Jemgine, because the two games I am now working on with it have different players and different player state graphs. And I did a lot of thinking. Because that’s what programming is. Except for the programming part. It’s all thinking.

A return of daily updates

I’ve decided that to motivate myself, I will begin doing daily updates again. Whatever I work on that day, I will post something brief about it. Naturally, the question is, what did I do today? Not very much. I took stock of the projects I actually have active now, and discovered there are six of them (though three are closely related). I also wrote a very small amount of code for Jemgine that will allow […]



More art

I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep the pace up. Two ‘keeper’ sprites today, the crystal and the grass.

Thirty-some sprites



I’m completely re-writing the Jemgine map renderer. Here’s a little tease…

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