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Monthly Archives | May 2011

Fake HDR

DrPetter pointed out a real simple way to fake HDR for deferred rendering. The problem is that when multiple lights shine on a surface, they can’t over brighten – you need HDR for that. Well, this is a pretty simple method of faking it. Draw each light onto the light buffer at 1/4th intensity, then when drawing geometry, multiply the light buffer by 4. The result is that now multiple lights shining on the same […]

Tweaking lighting

I changed it so the middle ground casts shadows, but doesn’t receive them. So now you can actually see things.

Please try Inform7.

You will not regret it. It is an incredible declarative programming language. I’d love to see a more general-purpose version of this sort of paradigm. It doesn’t have function calls, so to say… well, it’s hard to explain. You attach actions to other actions. Since it exists only in a player-driven environment, this works quite well for it. Instead of calling a function, the functions states when it should be called. It’s really quite amazing. […]

I forgot to update this.

More interactive fiction writing. And, the beginnings of [redacted] for [redacted].

Design Document

I got my design document. And I wrote another piece of interactive fiction, but it’s not ready for public consumption yet. So next on my agenda : Immediate-Mode GUI.

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