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Monthly Archives | August 2011

LudumDare on Sunday Morning

Oh and there’s a game too.

The LD website is down!

Right in the middle of screenshot saturday! Well, first, the game! Second, Dinner!

So that was easy.

package   {   import net.flashpunk.* ;   import*;   import net.flashpunk.masks.Grid;      public class OgmoTileMap extends Entity   {     [Embed(source = "assets/gfx/tiles.png")]     private const TILE_SET:Class;        public var tilemap:Tilemap;     public var grid:Grid;          public function OgmoTileMap(map:XML)     {       type = "world";              graphic = tilemap = new Tilemap(TILE_SET, map.width,         map.height, 32, 32);                for each (var tile:XML in map.layer0[0].tile)       {         tilemap.setTile(tile.@x / 32, tile.@y / 32,           tilemap.getIndex(tile.@tx / 32, tile.@ty / 32));       }              for each (var rect:XML in […]

Preparing for LudumDare

That’s right! I want to actually compete in this one. It’s going to be hard, as I have to work on Saturday (Don’t I always?) and I never think to ask for it off in time to actually get it off. And it’s going to be even harder because I’ll be doing my entry in Flash! Actionscript! With flashpunk! And the Ogmo editor! And none of these are things I know! So I need to […]

Compiling entities to a single vertex buffer

This is something I’ve wanted to do in Jemgine for a long time. Currently (Well, until last night) to draw an entity (And, I mean every entity) meant iterating over all of an entity’s attached elements, discovering if they were renderable, and then drawing them. Drawing each attached element usually involved at least a texture switch, and a draw call – sometimes more than one! Drawing a lot of entities was not an option. As […]

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