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Monthly Archives | March 2012

Gum FlashPunk Demo

Hey look, this post has been updated with source. SOURCE CODE Flashpunk Demo Alternative content


One of these (incredibly simple demos) is using Flashpunk, the other is using Pixelizer. Okay, so, it’s just a button ( I actually intended to duplicate the functionality in Pixelizer’s equally simple GUI example as closely as possible ) but the important thing is that it’s apparently identical. Flashpunk Demo Alternative content Pixelizer Demo Alternative content

How does SteelGolem manage to write everyday?

When he basically does nothing? Well, I basically did nothing, except improve the map somewhat (no demo here yet). It has panning controls and hilites the current room. I’m also displaying the whole thing, though in the final game that certainly won’t be the case. In semi-related things, I’m using Flashpunk. It looks like Flashpunk 2.0 will never happen, which is something of a shame, but my personal copy of Flashpunk continues to improve. I’m […]


Not too much to show here. Except for pathfinding. Platformer Alternative content

Generating a single area

Press C to create the ‘starting area’. Platformer Alternative content

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