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Monthly Archives | April 2015


I’ve spent the last six months or so working on a project called RMUD. Here it is on github. It’s a mud engine, as the name would suggest.. and I must say it is quite a nice one. Clearly I am biased, but I still think you would agree it is rather nice. A mud engine is deceptively simple until you actually want to get anything done, and then it becomes immensely complex. I want […]

C# as a self hosting scripting language

This topic isn’t new, but I find myself writing the same code again and again. Often times I have a project, written in C#, and I find I have need of a ‘scripting language’. I think: What is the best language to use as a scripting language for a program written in C#? The language I choose has to be easy to integrate with the host language, and I have to be able to compile […]

A triumphant return?

Unlikely. Still, it is a return. I have a number of projects. I will share them, or not, in time. In the meantime, I thought it would be helpful to share some pieces of code. I see people doing this from time to time. They’ve got a blog with code, but it’s just patches of it. Little bits. Not enough to create a repository on github. Besides, as far as I can tell, blogs are […]

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