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Lines are the most basic building block of a Jemgine map. With an entity or any entity element selected, press alt+l to create a line. The line is created at the mouse position. It’s a little white bar with circles at each end and a box around it. The box is it’s bounding box, and it what gets used to select the line in the editor. Click a point to select the point, and you can translate the point with shift + left mouse drag. That’s all the operations for manipulating a line, they really are the simplest primitive.

The properties of a line which can be modified in the editor are, in alphabetical order,

MappingStyle – This is the way a texture is applied to the line. The possible choices are Horizontal, Vertical, HorizontalFlipped, and VerticalFlipped. Switching from Horizontal to Vertical is equivalent to rotating the texture 90 degrees. The flipped versions are as if looking in a mirror. If you find that no option turns the texture right side up, switch the end points of the line.

Reference ID – While this property is modifiable, it doesn’t do anything in the editor. It’s used by the map serializer to properly serialize reference connections. Changing it won’t break anything.

RoundEnds – The line should be drawn with round ends. This setting only applies to untextured (plain white) lines.

Texture – The texture to apply to the line. Select this field, and click the browse button at the right end of the field to bring up the texture chooser.

TextureScale – A vector describing how many times the texture repeats across the line.

Type – How this line is treated by the engine. The possible choices are Draw, in which case the line is drawn; Physics, in which case the line interacts with other objects; and Both, in which case the line is drawn and interacts. Pure visual detail should be set to ‘draw’. Note that being set ‘Physics’ doesn’t mean anything if the entity that owns the line doesn’t have a physics component.

Width – The width, in world units, of the line.

I realize suddenly that I should have started with configuring the map editor for first use.

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