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Running the editor for the first time

When you first run the editor, you’ll be greeted by this slightly obtuse and baffling dialog. You would be even more confused if I hadn’t just added a label to the top of it. Your dialog might look different, depending on whether I’ve submitted this change to the repository. Or changed it again.

The items of interest here are the two at the top. The first item, EngineFolder, is the folder where the actual game can be found. The input box will let you browse for a folder. If you’ve built from source, what you want is Wherever Jemgine Is/Antioch/bin/debug/. If you are using the binaries, which isn’t actually an option as of writing this, than that location is likely wherever you installed at.

The second item is Episode. This is the actual episode you will be working with. You must specify a valid episode, the editor will prompt you until you do. For now, a good option is ‘Antioch.Content’. I’ll cover creating your own episode at some later time.

Fill in those two items and click ok, and the editor will launch. If there is an error, it will appear above the property box. You can change the episode in the config at any time, but you’ll have to close and re-open the editor to load the new module.

Your maps will (probably) only work with the episode they were created for. So keep that in mind.

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