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‘Gem’, the new Jemgine

I’ve kind of re-begun the Jemgine project. You know the one. The one this blog is named after. This time, though, it won’t be such a mess of unconnected crap… maybe. I’ve taken the basic structure of Jemgine and refined it, and begun rebuilding. There are a few things I want to see happen here.
1) Combine the bits I like about trains on hexes and the heightmapped hex grid and all the generated castlevania stuff into some sort of fucked up hybrid.
2) Somehow include an 8bit programmable cpu in the game, and then rewrite DCPUC to target it instead.
3) Use MISP for scripting in some way.
So yeah about the mud; building a mud from scratch just isn’t fun after a certain point. It turns into work.

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